Zoom G5n Modeler

If you are looking for guitar effects and amp modeling that doesn’t break the bank and sounds good doing it. The Zoom G5n may just be what you are looking for. There are plenty of reviews out there to get the low-down, plus this is a mature device that’s been around a while with a good amount of features, which qualifies this device for some serious consideration.

The G5n is easy to program and use. I erased all of the factory patches since none of them were what I was looking for and wanted to start from square one. Are factory patches ever all that great? I bought a few sets of custom patches from Choptones to get started with patches that sound really good and made it easier to build new patches for the music I play.

The Zoom G5n can be had on the used market in the $200 – $225 range. Brand new it goes for $329.99, which is still a bargain for what you get.

More information on the G5n can be found here.